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1. IDA Pro 6.0 and above 2. installed qemu-0.14 and above


1. Open your all bios.rom image on IDA Pro.

2 Run relocate script

3. Place bios.rom, vgacirrus-bios.bin (from qemu site), bios_name.idb, linux.img in the current folder

4. Start qemu in debugging mode “qemu -s -S -L . -m 256 -hda linux.img -localtime -M pc -nographic”

(-s enables GDB stub and -S instructs QEMU to stop at the system start)

also you can :

-parallel /dev/parportN (this map virtual qemu parport to your phisical parallel port)

-serial pipe:filename (redirect serial output to the filename as pipe)

play with -acpitable , -smbios, -option-rom, -usbdevice, -device options… (see man qemu)

QEMU will stop and wait for the debugger.

5. In IDA Pro Debugger→Switch debugger choose Remote GDB debugger

Then open debugger options dialog

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